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Today we updated our website with a bounch of small improvements. The objective was improve your experience with it but the most noticeable update can be found on the official BringBack page where we added its first demo video.

But we didn't stop here.

Product activation engine update

We take the opportunity to improve our product activation experience. We redesigned the activation dialog box to be more modern, easy to use and clear also we added a new, important, feature.

Below you'll find a screenshot of it. The most important change here is that we now support trial period extension, which means that if you need more than 20 days to try our products, well, drop us an email and we will send you back a temporary unlock code, which will extend the trial period by another 20 days, for free.

How could you extend the trial period? Simply when the trial period finish a new button will appear called "Get more trial days" click it and paste the code we've sent to you in the dialog box which will appear, click ok and you're done. The trial period will return back to 20 days. We think that in some situations is more fair to give the opportunity to deeply test our products.

That feature will also help us with some support requests.

Revel reView and Breezer updates

We've also solved some minor issues with Breezer and reView. The updates are already online and available for download.

Those who have the automatic updates download will receive the update at first application run.

Suzy Rossi - Revel Software
Support and Relations

Revel BringBack full demo video

27. October 2012 18:06 by Administrator in BringBack  //  Tags: , , , , , , ,   //   Comments

We've just posted (as promised) a full demo of Revel BringBack

Enjoy and remember: download it for free


Suzy Rossi - Revel Software
Support and Relations

Another BringBack update available

26. October 2012 19:27 by Administrator in BringBack  //  Tags: , , , , , , , ,   //   Comments

We've just posted a new update for Revel BringBack.

It finally solves many focus and popup issues as well a huge performance improvement when you first start up.

Also we make easy to discover and use incremental search within any part of BringBack, just move the mouse cursor over the panel you want to search (the search results, the recent documents list or whatever), type anything and the search box will pop up.

As usual this preview release will stop work on 1st January 2013

This is just another step forward the final release, thanks to the huge feedback we've received in the past months.

Let's go ahead and download it!

Suzy Rossi - Revel Software
Support and Relations

BringBack just updated

5. October 2012 23:09 by Administrator in BringBack, Tech support  //  Tags: , , , ,   //   Comments

We've just released an update of Revel BringBack, the start menu for Windows 8.

In this release you'll find:

  • Improved cold-startup times. On our system we see a 10X speed up.
  • Better MRU management and auto-update algorithms. Anyway needs more work.
  • Fixed an annoying bug which causes BringBack to popup when was not necessary... a real pain for our users...
  • Solved a bug which causes BringBack to "forget" the customization done via drag'n'drop after a reboot.
  • Other small fixes.

You could download the update right now in our download page. Remember that you must uninstall the previous version, and only then upgrade to the downloaded version.

I take the opportunity to ask you to spread the news around, forums, a comment on a blog, facebook, you know... it's very important for us that more and more people use BringBack. This will guarantee a constant stream of feedbacks and suggestions, which will help us to improve BringBack.

Hope you'll enjoy the update!

Suzy Rossi - Revel Software
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