Breezer Update 6 now online

Another update for Breezer. In short in this release we clean things up (code and UI) but the most important change is how we handle errors on startup. We gather many feedback of users that after few seconds sees Breezer crash. We weren't able to reproduce the error on our system (from Xp to 8) but we are confident that the problem is localized in our web service engine (updates, news feeds and error reporting).

We hope we're right.

Here's the complete list of changes:

  • Improved web services management (update, news feed and more).
  • After users feedback we improve the error management on startup.
  • [Layered player] Added a new option "Mute on window minimization".
  • Improved the UI of the custom loop region.
  • Added expand or contract of the loop region commands.
  • Improved error handling from background tasks (thanks to Rich who reported the error).
  • Added a visual feedback if a file has an annotation (or more).
  • Increased browsing performances (now we reuse some DB connections more efficiently).
  • Solved a performance bug that causes some playback problems (click and pops).

As usual the the update is available here. Remember that you must uninstall previous version, don't worry for your database, it will be preserved while upgrading.

Suzy Rossi 

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