Beta time-bomb shifted to 1st june '14

We've just published a new update for Revel Breezer 2013 RC which shifts beta time bomb to 1st june 2014 and fixes some bugs.

You could download RC bits here.

Suzy Rossi
Revel Software - Relations

Breezer 2013 update 13 is out!

2. February 2014 17:36 by Administrator in Breezer 2013, Tech support  //  Tags: , ,   //   Comments

We've just uploaded a new, and big update of Breezer 2013 RC the 13rd update since June.

This time we focus on:

  • Bug fixing
  • Improve search predictability. 
  • Upgraded audio engine (now we use NAudio 1.7).

Bug fixing

The vast majority of the bugs we fix were related to the search engine and the docking features.

Search engine changes

We fix a few things. First of all now the tag library panel has it's own configuration box containing any setting that can alter tag engine behavior.

File-hash calculation is now a little bit faster (a file hash is a digital signature of your files).

Updates audio engine

NAudio 1.7 fixes many bugs and improves ASIO compatibility (an area which created some problems in the past) and improves engine performances in many scenarios.

You could download RC bits here in the same page you'll find a complete changelog.

Suzy Rossi
Revel Software - Relations

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