Breezer 2013 manual now available

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Breezer 2013 manual is finally here. It is a draft so we expect some errors, but we think that it could help our users to better understand Breezer inner workings and take the most out of it, even as a draft.

Go and download it directly from

The manual is available in italian and english.

Suzy Rossi
Revel Software - Support and relations

Breezer 2013 upgrade to 2.0.7 released

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Is my pleasure to announce the public availability of Breezer upgrade 2.0.7. A big release filled with improvements and new features.

As I said we fixed many bugs, and we added several new features, like:

  • Multiple database support. Now you can create, clone and manage multiple, indipendent, databases. Very useful for example if you want one database for experimentation, another official and others for project-specific needs.
  • Breezer is now a certified REX player. That means that it passes the entire test-suite provided by Propellerheads SA.
  • Now is posible to perform logical OR/AND searches when filtering by tag.
  • Tons of UI changes, like: tag library grouping (by tag color), keep the mouse over a tag to see it full path, improved button clarity on high dpi displays, the delete key works within the file view, a new "Add tag to view" command, improved search engine, new commands to stop or reapply current search, and much more.

For a complete list of what we done please look at the change log

To download the new release please visit our download page. For your convenience from now on we keep the new and last release available, so if you run in trouble with the upgrade you can always downgrade to version 2.0.6.

Breezer manual

We're working with the translation agency to speed up the work, unfortunately the translation work took much more time than we thought. We hope to release it (in english) at the beginning of October.

Some screenshot

The new database manager

Tag library grouping

Final words

We work hard on this upgrade, so we hope that you'll enjoy the new features and improvements.

As usual remember that if you have a suggestion, or if you want a new feature in Breezer don't forget to contact our staff, we will do our best to implement those new features in the next Breezer upgrade.

Suzy Rossi,
Revel Software - Relations

Launch promotion extended

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Nice news today! I'm glad to let you know that we extended Brezer 2013 launch promotion (30% off on tag price) to 1st October 2014.

Suzy Rossi
Revel Software

Breezer 2013 update to 2.0.6 released

We are proud to announce the first update of Breezer 2013. New version number is 2.0.6 and you can look at it as a maintenance release with many bugfixes and usability improvements.

Download the upgrade.

How to upgrade?

Just go to the download page download the zip file, and run "Setup.exe". The installer will check if any previous release is installed, if yes it will upgrade Breezer to latest version keeping your options and database.

Activation procedure changes

Due to piracy problems we enforce license checks. So it is possible that an error message like "The license data is corrupted" will show at first Breezer start. To solve the issue just send us an email asking for a "License reset code". We will generate and send you a license reset code which will clear the corrupted data, so you could continue to test Breezer for 20 days.

Licensed and activated copies are not affected by the issue above.

Known bugs

Our support staff received some reports  of a generic "Task.Invoke (or Dispatcher.Invoke) method not found." error on installation. This is a problem of the .net framework detection routine inside the installer which not always detects (and upgrades) the .net framework version 4.0. While we work on a fix, you could solve the issue by yourself by manually installing the .net framework 4.5 from Microsoft web site and then re-run Breezer installer.

Changes and bugs fixed

Below you find the exact list of what we have done:

  • Tags: Query engine [Ignito] small performance improvement (now it caches the queries, if possible).
  • Tags: Query engine [Ignito] solved a recursion (aka infinite loop) problem.
  • Search engine: Now folder-grouping option is not enabled by default. We found that was a mistake to leave this setting enabled by default, it creates confusion to new users.
  • Workspace: Now Breezer detects USB drive plug-unplug and then a refresh of the folder view will be launched.
  • Workspace: Root tags are loaded in background, this will prevent a freeze of Breezer UI at start.
  • Workspace: Text clarity improved.
  • Workspace: fixed the windows size (being too small) when Breezer restores from docked state.
  • Workspace: Program version number now matches installer's one and the web site follow the same rule.
  • Workspace: Merged the play/stop button.
  • Workspace: Now the backup reminder will show only after 7 days from the installation and not immediately.
  • Website: Release version and next planned update added in the download page.
  • Options: Added a "Dump tag table to file" button, for support purposes in the tools tab. This command will show the raw tags table.
  • Options: The window is now a little bigger and is re-sizable by the user.
  • Options: Added a “database integrity check confirmation dialog”, just before a database backup.
  • Tag properties: now the name is a required field.
  • Activation: Better user experience, fixed some dialog boxes which appears with cryptic messages.
  • Backup window: Small UI improvements. Now the progress message changes when an action or check starts.
  • General: Some tips are now more clear and informative.

What's next

Next update is scheduled for late september. We will work on other usability improvements and bug fixes (especially toward the layered player).
We count to introduce an easy to use database switcher which will open new scenarios like having a database per customer, project, a test database or simply two databases: one for music and one for your sample library. 
As usual remember to send us your feedbacks and bug reports!
Suzy Rossi,
Revel Software - Relations

We're coming back!

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We were quite busy over the past month, so sorry for the lack of updates on our blog and facebook page.

You may ask us: what happened in the past months?

  • Breezer 2013 reached the RTM (release to market) milestone on 5th July, on schedule.
  • We have a new office located between the Austrian and Italian border.
  • Revel Software is now a privately held company registered in Italy.
  • Simonetta joined us as tester and QA girl.

During the relocation/reorganization we continue to develop Breezer (our loyal btea-testers knows), but we decided to put the PR and the promotion on hold.  Surely we redesigned from the ground up the website but this was complementary to Breezer 2013 launch.

Thank you for your patience, interest and support, we will post more about next Breezer update next week.

The Breezer team.

Beta time-bomb shifted to 1st june '14

We've just published a new update for Revel Breezer 2013 RC which shifts beta time bomb to 1st june 2014 and fixes some bugs.

You could download RC bits here.

Suzy Rossi
Revel Software - Relations

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