Revel Breezer 2012 Professional launch promotion ends

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40% Discount

Starting from today we set the price tag for Revel Breezer 2012 to 59,90€ after a four-month period of 40% discount.

Best Regards,
Suzy Rossi Revel Software Relations


Revel reView just updated

UpdateToday we released a new version of Revel reView, the Outlook file viewer.

In this release you'll find:

  • Now you can copy sender address or every address in copy.
  • Fixed a bug in the "Reply to" and "Reply to all" functions.
  • We add build date/time to the version information.
  • Fixed a bug with image display when dealing with HTML files.
  • Some minor performance improvement.
  • Better (and more clear) activation dialog.

The new auto-update engine

With this release we launch a much improved auto-update engine. It will now check every day if a new version is available. When it founds one it now displays the download progress in a discrete window (which can be hidden).

Also we remove a limitation which has followed us for many months. Now the auto update engine works, whatever you install the application via a zip file of via our online installer.

That new auto-update engine will be extended also to Revel Breezer 2012 which will be updated tomorrow.

Best regards,
Suzy Rossi - Revel Software Relations

Breezer 2013 Series - The renewed user interface

Ok, we know, we had a good user interface, easy to use and beautiful. Over a year of users feedback confirm just that. So how to improve it? Where we need to work more? How we can accomodate tons of new features in the same space? Those are few questions that drive ou UI development work.

Fortunately we have a good UI designer here [promo message: our boss] which come up with some good ideas taken from Microsoft's new "Metro design language".


The toolbar

More features means more buttons, links, controls and such and since the beggining of Breezer 2013 development we fill the toolbar with tons of them but from the telemetry (usage reports sent by our users) we discover that some are rarely used while others needs more attention from us.

The first change you'll notice is that the buttons losts their border (aka chrome) this is consistent with new UI design trends and this small change makes easy for us to add two more command row. In those two additional rows we put the rarely used commands. Thanks to the telemetry from our users we choose for example to move the options and about button (rarely used) to a more discrete position.

To reduce workspace chaos we add two child menus: views to switch between Folder, Tag or Hybrid view and widgets under which you'll find every external window like the layered player or the harmonics anlyzer. When you don't need those menus just click again their button an they will disappear.

The redesigned toolbar

The context menus

We take the opportunity to redesign our context menus because we have many new commands to put in place somewhere (like the new cut, copy and paste commands) in the file/folder view and elsewhere.

The reorganized context menu

We reorganize also the previewing options switches. Now you can switch on or off them with just a right click, anywhere in the workspace. In Breezer 2012 you must go under the program options and/or do a right click on the player controls, quite counter-intuitive.

We fix also an annoying bug which sometimes prevents the context menu commands to work, they appear in gray, as if they where disabled. This will never happen again with Breezer 2013.

The folder and file view

Another area where we work hard was the file and folder views. We spent a lot of time on those boxes because they are the two parts of the workspace which are most used by anyone who use Breezer. Both needs to be fast (I'll discuss the performance improvements in a separate post) and clear.

The folder view was redesigned from the ground up to be more intuitive and readable. We increase the text size and hot-track color contrast and we introduce a new feature called parent-tracking which (when you put your mouse over a folder) highlights every parent folder, so you have a clear view of where the current folder is. You need to see that feature in action to appreciate it.

With Breezer 2013 we want to make things clear and one long time user Solaris (he follow us since the first alpha) ask us to introduce another feature related to the folder view. He want to hide forever a particular folder (how many, you decide) why? When browsing a network store of 20 TB (I'm not kidding) you have tons of folders and 90% of them have nothing to do with his music-production work. With Breezer 2013 he will just right-click on the "Invoices" folder and choose "hide". If one day he will take a look to his invoices he could go under the program options and re-enable it.

As a last note if you need more screen real estate you can show or hide folder/file icons directly under the program options.

Delay, echo, bpm and note calculator

The BPM tap pad

Another area where we improve over Breezer 2012 is the BPM tap pad that allows you to find out how many bpm has a sample. In 2013 edition we added a note-delay calculator. how to use it? Just enter the bpm of the song you're working on and it will give you the length in milliseconds for several note values then you can set your delays, pre-delays, reverb etc... It will also calculate the Hertz modulation for each note value too!

Great tool for setting modulation effects like Tremolo, Vibrato and... oh yeah, LFO's! All in a compact and super-easy-to-use widget.

Please note that the user interface is not mature so expect some changes in the future.

Your workspace, your style

Breezer 2013 allows you to apply a custom background image to the workspace (and you can adjust it's opacity as well as other opptions) as shown below.

This may seem only a subtle change, but is a change that allows you to make your copy of Breezer unique!

Putting all together

So how does look like the new user interface? here is it. 

How Breezer 2013 looks like

In the end

I haven't the time to explore deeply every change, so I write down only a short list of the most important:

  • We commisioned a new set of icons. High-contrast, clean and easy to read.
  • Show or hide file and folder icons. Need more space? just hide them.
  • Folder tree mouse hot-tracking. Moving your mouse over a folder to highlight its parent path.
  • We have redesigned the layered player which now uses only icons (no more text buttons).
  • The options window was heavily reorganized to make things more clear.
  • No more annoying scrool bars, you will se a scroolbar only when you need them.
  • Full Windows 7 Task bar support.

I hope that this post will stimulate a constructive discussion. Tell us what do you think and if you have any suggestion use the "comment" button below! We will take care to evaluate each suggestion.

Umberto Giacobbi and Michael Sclepp - Revel Software




News for March

Today we've updated our web site. Now we include (as news) the RSS stream coming from this blog into the corporate web site. That means that when we publish something here it will be automagically copied to our corporate web site.

Content review and update

As we do each month, we retouch the product pages to make them more precise and to better answer to the questions that our users drops at

We also fix some typo errors.

Revel reView pricie changed

After over three months of "launch disconunt" on reView (our Outlook MSG file viewer) we choose to switch to the full price: 29,90€ (was 24,90€). In the next few days Breezer will receive the same treatment.
This means that those are the last days where you can purchase Breezer at 39,90€.

New ad champain for Revel Breezer Professional

On monday (5 march) we start a new ad champaing targeted to Revel Breezer, and just after two days we see a lot of traffic coming in. That's nice bacause it means that Breezer fills a hole in the digital audio software for Windows.

We will soon start a similar champain for Revel reView.

I'm also glad to let you know that Michael (Breezer development team) is working on the next article about Revel Breezer 2013. He will talk about the new UI. Looks promising...

Best regards,
Suzy Rossi - Revel Software Relations

Breezer 2013 Series - The harmonics analyzer

Hi guys, I'm Michael Shlepp and I'm part of the Breezer development team.

I have the honor to introduce a series of (bi-weekly) posts. A series which has only one goal: explain what you'll find in the next version of Breezer codenamed 'White fox' (seriously, we're using that name internally).

Those posts are also the right place where you can partecipate to the development process by sharing your comments and suggestion! And trust me, we listen, we listen a lot to our user base, so that your feedback will count!

For the grand opening I want to talk about one feature: the harmonics-anlyzer.

The harmonics analyzer: why and for what?

Well the why part of the question is quite easy to explain: because it's useful and when you get used to you cannot come back! How many times you listen to a sample, but you didn't know how it will blend with the others? Sure you have the layered player which helps a lot, but it cannot tell you what are the predominant notes in a sample.

That's the job of the harmonics anlyzer: represent graphically the frequency distribution inside the sample you're playing, and it goes a step forward: it guesses (with an extraordinary precision) the two strongest note in the sample. So you could drop it into your DAW software, and you can be sure, it will mix good.

Obviously is a quite expensive task for the cpu so do not expect that a pc from 2004 will shine, it will be usable but less precise. Also we see that under Windows XP the performaces (not only of the harmonics analyzer) drops by a 25% or even 30% on the same hardware configuration.

Now that we introduced it, let's take a look.

The harmonics analyzer window

Cool eh? As you can see the window is dominated by the spectrum anlyzer which shows the various frequencies that make up the sample. We add an exageration filter which emphasizes only the most dominant frequencies. Also the peaks are a little bit lazy so your eye has the time to follow the frequency shifts (very common with voice and wind instruments).

But we go even deeper and directly in the spectrum view we add two small labels that shown the exact note that falls in the two peaks. Internally it uses a table of known notes and frequencies to speed up the note lookup, and even better, it makes the guess much more precise.

In the command bar (the bottom of the window) you can control the input-sensibility and frequency/intensity scaling algorithm. For your convenience the analyzer can stay above every other window.

How much I have to wait?

To be honest the first condition imposed to me, when I proposed a new post about Breezer 2013 was quite clear "Do not talk about any release date". Why? because we are quite far from even the first beta. In my opinion we will see Breezer 2013 only next year... but it's quite hard to predict.

I hope that you enjoyed that article and I'll wait you for my next article where I will explore the new user interface of Breezer 2013.

Michael Sclepp - Revel Software Developers 

Revel Software blog now open!

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Come in we're open

Hi guys,

we're proud to announce that (finally) we have a blog! Updated bi-weekly.

We decided to create one because we want to share more information about our products, their development and get even more feedback from you!

So we choose to drop the forum idea (which is much more complex and less intuitive) and go to a more friendly blog format.

Here's also the place where we will post news and updates about our products, and where you can interact with us via Facebook or Twitter.

Best regards,
Suzy Rossi - Revel Software Relations


Who we are

Founded in 2002 Revel Software is a dev lab now focused on delivering an affordable and complete sample library manager for Windows.

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