Happy birthday Breezer!

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Revel Breezer officially started its journey on April 2010. Since then we released two major versions, and we continue each day to improve Breezer speed, user interface and feature set. We wish also take the opportunity to say thank you to every Breezer user which in those years helped us with their feedback and feature requests.

So again thank you guys!

To celebrate this milestone we decided to start a 20% off promo on new Breezer licenses. The promotion is already active so don't miss this promo!

Plus next week we will release a new update focused on bug and usability fixes. Especially important in this update we fixed a long-time issue dealing with the waveform preview which is not always visible.

Update to 2.1.1 released

We have another news today. We released a bug-fix release which fix some bugs like:

  • The waveform preview not always shows up.
  • When docked the search bar overlaps with the tabs (view/widgets).
  • Now the widget menu and the view menu are mutually exclusive (better readability).
  • Fixed a crash which might occur in the preview history.

Thanks to our users who reported the bugs above. As usual you can read the full change log here.

So don't wait any more, go and download the new bits!

New partnership with Sampleism

We are also proud to announce a new partnership with our friends at Sampleism. Sampleism is a community-based sample library outlet. A resource of cool, unique, inspiring and individual sounds made by talented people from all around the globe. These creative folk produce independent sample libraries, loops, instruments, VSTi's and audio, and share their output with a global audience of musical maestros.

You could check out our space here where you could purchase Breezer Pro or Express edition.

Suzy Rossi
Revel Software

Usage tip - How to replicate a tag hierarchy multiple times

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The problem: you have a bunch of cd's full of new material that you know each cd share a similar logical structure. So how we can replicate a "template" tag multiple times (including its child) without manually re-enter the same data over and over?

Take the example below:


I've just created my template tag called "AGX Beat elements 1" that I want to replicate 4 times to "AGX Beat elements 1,2,3,4" because I have just purchased all the four volumes.

All I have to do is:

  1. Select the tag you want to duplicate, in our case "AGX Beat elements 1".
  2. Keep the left mouse button down and press the CTRL key.
  3. Drop the tag to its parent "Downloaded". Breezer will ask you if you want to create a tag with a duplicated name, answer yes.
  4. Now rename the new tag to "AGX Beat elements 2". To do so just double click on the new tag to open its properties (including the name).
  5. Repeat the steps above as many times you wish.

The result will be:

Happy tagging!

Suzy Rossi
Revel Software

Breezer 2013 Update to 2.1

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Today we release a new update the 2.1 (or number 10 since Breezer public availability), which is focused on a new useful feature: the preview history widget, that can be seen below. 

Why a playback history?

Well, good question! As you can imagine it keeps track (by date and play count) of every sample you previewed. That because sometimes you could remember that one week ago, few days ago or even yesterday you hear an audio file which could be the right one, but now! So how to locate it? Browsing the entire audio library is not a solution, so we think about the problem and how to find a solution.

We found a solution, which is easy to use and understand: the preview history. It is basically a list which shows (in chronological order) the samples you played, and tells you how many times you played them.

Please remember that to limit the number of media stored, Breezer marks as previewed a media only if the total playback time is about 40% of the entire media.

The list can be grouped by date and supports full-text search, just type something in the search box and each occourence will be highlighted, instantly. 

For each item in the list you can:

  • Remove the entry.
  • Start the playback.
  • Locate the media on your system. Breezer take you to the folder which contains the sample.

The preview history widget is available only for Breezer 2013 Pro edition. Also remember that if you have any suggestion about Breezer and this new feature just drop us an email or use Breezer built-in feedback form!

Other changes

This release fixed some bugs (most notably the spacepar play/stop keyboard shortcut which now works as expected) and improves some UI details.

So don't wait any more, go and download the new bits!

Final words

We take the opportunity to send our thanks to FileCluster which gived us a very positive review here. Thank you guys.

Next update will be available in April 2015.

Suzy Rossi
Revel Software

We have a gift for you!

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Today I'm pleased to announce that our 2014 Christmas promotion is officially available.

Christmas gift image

From now till 20th January you can purchase any edition of Breezer with a 20% discount. Which means that you save:

  • 11.00€ on Breezer Express (from 54.00€ you go to 43.50€)
  • 17.50€ on Breezer Pro (from 89.00€ you go to 71.50€)

The promotion is applicable on any full license purchase.

Go to the purchase page, or try Breezer for free for 20 days.

Suzy Rossi
Revel Software 

[EDIT] 2015-02-05 Since the promotion was very successful we choose to extend its validity until February 28 2015! Don't miss the opportunity to get the best sample library manager for Windows at a very affordable price!

Breezer Express 2013 is out!

We are proud to announce that Breezer 2013 Express is finally out!

Expres sign


When we first release Breezer to the public (was around June 2010) we realized that some users do not need the full range of commands and features that Breezer can offer, so we decided to release an "Express" edition, which is a simpler (and affordable) sample library manager that could help audio enthusiasts and home users to take the most out of their sample libraries.

Breezer Express 2013 lacks some features like folder pre-scan, multiple database support, filesystem operations, waveform annotations, loop export to DAW and more.

Two other notable features are somehow limited: Express edition workspace layout is locked to hybrid view and the maximum tag nesting depth is limited to three levels

For a detailed list of the features, which are not available in Breezer Express, please check out this page.

Also take into account that some new features that we have on our radar (like preview history and file/folder rename) are accessible only to Professional users.

Pricing, avaibility and download

Express edition will be available for purchase tomorrow, 8th December, priced at 54.00

To get it all you have to do is go to our download page and download the universal installer which contains all the bits,  32/64 bits and Express/Pro bits. After the purchase the license file you'll receive will set Breezer with the appropriate license and feature-set.

Breezer Pro Update to 2.0.9

Since both Breezer Express and Professional share the same code base we take the opportunity to improve Breezer stability under some circumstances. Those fixes are available for Pro and Express users.

For a detailed list of the bugs fixed please read the full changelog here.

Suzy Rossi
Revel Software - Support and relations

Breezer 2013 update to 2.0.8

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We just released a new update for Breezer, the seventh since RTM. We work mostly on the search engine and the tagging experience. We re-arranged the tag properties window, the search panel, and the search engine is now more fast and precise.

In this release, we add a new feature, which will be appreciated (we think). Now you can include in a tag search every child of every tag included in the search. For example if you have a “Voices” tag with three child: "Male", "Choir", "Female" add it to the search and Breezer will return every media file tagged with “Voices”, "Male", "Choir", "Female", even when performing a logical AND search. 

We remove this feature in the 2.0.6 release, when we introduced the logical "AND" search into the tag search engine, for performance reasons. Now we fixed the performance issues and you can always include tag child in your searches.

We extensively tested this new feature, but due to the complexity of the change, we might miss some usage scenario. For this reason please report to us any inconsistency of the search result you might found. Our staff is at your disposal to find and fix any error reported.

As usual, you can download the new bits from our download page.

What's next?

Now I want to share with you some details about our next steps. First, we are working on Breezer 2013 Express that with a fair price (about 50% of the Pro edition price) will surely help many audio enthusiast with a limited budget to take the most out of their libraries.

Obviously, the feature set is limited compared to the Pro edition and we are working exactly on that, we are trying to figure out which features we could drop and which not. We hope to release Breezer Express in mid-December.

Suzy Rossi,
Revel Software - Support and relations 



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