Breezer 2013 upgrade to 2.0.7 released

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Is my pleasure to announce the public availability of Breezer upgrade 2.0.7. A big release filled with improvements and new features.

As I said we fixed many bugs, and we added several new features, like:

  • Multiple database support. Now you can create, clone and manage multiple, indipendent, databases. Very useful for example if you want one database for experimentation, another official and others for project-specific needs.
  • Breezer is now a certified REX player. That means that it passes the entire test-suite provided by Propellerheads SA.
  • Now is posible to perform logical OR/AND searches when filtering by tag.
  • Tons of UI changes, like: tag library grouping (by tag color), keep the mouse over a tag to see it full path, improved button clarity on high dpi displays, the delete key works within the file view, a new "Add tag to view" command, improved search engine, new commands to stop or reapply current search, and much more.

For a complete list of what we done please look at the change log

To download the new release please visit our download page. For your convenience from now on we keep the new and last release available, so if you run in trouble with the upgrade you can always downgrade to version 2.0.6.

Breezer manual

We're working with the translation agency to speed up the work, unfortunately the translation work took much more time than we thought. We hope to release it (in english) at the beginning of October.

Some screenshot

The new database manager

Tag library grouping

Final words

We work hard on this upgrade, so we hope that you'll enjoy the new features and improvements.

As usual remember that if you have a suggestion, or if you want a new feature in Breezer don't forget to contact our staff, we will do our best to implement those new features in the next Breezer upgrade.

Suzy Rossi,
Revel Software - Relations

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