Breezer 2013 update to 2.0.8

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We just released a new update for Breezer, the seventh since RTM. We work mostly on the search engine and the tagging experience. We re-arranged the tag properties window, the search panel, and the search engine is now more fast and precise.

In this release, we add a new feature, which will be appreciated (we think). Now you can include in a tag search every child of every tag included in the search. For example if you have a “Voices” tag with three child: "Male", "Choir", "Female" add it to the search and Breezer will return every media file tagged with “Voices”, "Male", "Choir", "Female", even when performing a logical AND search. 

We remove this feature in the 2.0.6 release, when we introduced the logical "AND" search into the tag search engine, for performance reasons. Now we fixed the performance issues and you can always include tag child in your searches.

We extensively tested this new feature, but due to the complexity of the change, we might miss some usage scenario. For this reason please report to us any inconsistency of the search result you might found. Our staff is at your disposal to find and fix any error reported.

As usual, you can download the new bits from our download page.

What's next?

Now I want to share with you some details about our next steps. First, we are working on Breezer 2013 Express that with a fair price (about 50% of the Pro edition price) will surely help many audio enthusiast with a limited budget to take the most out of their libraries.

Obviously, the feature set is limited compared to the Pro edition and we are working exactly on that, we are trying to figure out which features we could drop and which not. We hope to release Breezer Express in mid-December.

Suzy Rossi,
Revel Software - Support and relations 



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