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The problem: you have a bunch of cd's full of new material that you know each cd share a similar logical structure. So how we can replicate a "template" tag multiple times (including its child) without manually re-enter the same data over and over?

Take the example below:


I've just created my template tag called "AGX Beat elements 1" that I want to replicate 4 times to "AGX Beat elements 1,2,3,4" because I have just purchased all the four volumes.

All I have to do is:

  1. Select the tag you want to duplicate, in our case "AGX Beat elements 1".
  2. Keep the left mouse button down and press the CTRL key.
  3. Drop the tag to its parent "Downloaded". Breezer will ask you if you want to create a tag with a duplicated name, answer yes.
  4. Now rename the new tag to "AGX Beat elements 2". To do so just double click on the new tag to open its properties (including the name).
  5. Repeat the steps above as many times you wish.

The result will be:

Happy tagging!

Suzy Rossi
Revel Software

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